Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Maravi’s clients benefit greatly from our broad range of experience delivering services through our consulting practice. Our clients rely on Maravi to assist them with a variety of risk and security concerns which require unique bespoke solutions.

All of our consultants are seasoned risk management professionals and have gained considerable experience working for large international risk management firms. Our consultants work in line with the latest standards and methodologies and provide solutions which meet industry and international best practice.

Any consultant deployed on a task for Maravi can call upon our support personnel and backroom staff to provide additional quality assurance and project management support. This approach provides multiple benefits to our clients whether we’re assisting them with a specific event or incident; an entire project; a period of upheaval or change; an expansion, or in addressing an on-going security need.

Maravi’s consultants are vastly experienced in providing advice and assistance to clients faced with sensitive, complex or confidential issues. At all times Maravi treats client information with the upmost integrity and confidentially.

Ways in which our security consulting practice helps clients include:

  • Conducting security reviews and audits
  • Developing security related documents such as policies, plans and procedures
  • Undertaking risk assessments to examine security threats, vulnerabilities and risks using a range of methodologies
  • Benchmarking and gap analysis exercises, whereby a client’s organisation is assessed against either a standard or a benchmark taken from a study of similar organisations, businesses or business processes
  • Quality assurance and peer review services whereby Maravi will provide peace of mind to clients be ensuring the security and risk services provided by others are applicable, relevant and fit-for-purpose
  • Maritime services which include port and vessel reviews and assessment to international standards such as the ISPS code and BMP 4
  • Undertaking investigations on behalf of clients where incidents have occurred or loss experienced
  • Brand and reputational protection, such as conducting enquiries where reputational risk is a possibility, for instance, when engaging third party contractors
  • Background and due diligence reporting on individuals and organisations prior to clients entering into business with unkown entities
    • a key issue in recent times following the introduction of such legislation as the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the US Foreign Corrupt Practises Act
  • Remote Risk Manager

Maravi also offers strategic consulting services to clients. Maravi works with senior managers, security directors, CEOs, and others to ensure that security resources are aligned to core business.

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Maravi’s anaylists provide clients with the up-to-date information they need prior to commiting to business in unfamiliar environments. We don’t claim to cover the world, but the countries we do report on, we know very well. Maravi’s clients benefit from our regional presence and our on-the-ground reporting.

Maravi’s analysts come from a variety of backgrounds but the common theme running through our analytical practice is the depth of their experience and knowledge in each individual area of expertise. Whether it is a particular geographical area, an industry sector or specific geopolitical theme in our area of coverage, our analysts will be able to provide up-to-date, accurate and relevant reporting. All of our analysts are educated to post-graduate level as a minimum.

Maravi offers its clients the following analysis and reporting:

  • Pre-market entry reporting
  • ‘On-arrival’ reports
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Country risk reports
  • Industry/sector-specific reports
  • Reporting on specific geopolitical themes
  • Pre/post-event analysis
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