Security Analysis


Maravi’s anaylists provide clients with up-to-date information they need prior to commiting to business in unfamiliar environments. We don’t claim to cover the world, but the countries we do report on we know very well. Maravi’s clients benefit from our regional presence and our on-the-ground reporting.

Maravi’s analysts come from a variety of backgrounds but the common theme running through our analytical practice is the depth of their experience and knowledge in each individual area of expertise. Whether it is a particular geographical area, an industry sector or specific geo-political theme in our area of coverage, our analysts will be able to provide up-to-date, accurate and relevant reporting. All of our analysts are educated to post-graduate level as a minimum.

Maravi offers its clients the following analysis and reporting:

  • Pre-market entry reporting
  • ‘On-arrival’ reports
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Country risk reports
  • Industry/sector-specific reports
  • Reporting on specific geopolitical themes
  • Pre/post-event analysis
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