Maravi offers a range of specialised training courses to suit our clients’ specific needs. These courses have been developed through our extensive experience of assisting varied clients across multiple sectors with their risk and security challenges. Additionally, our trainers have themselves worked in a variety of industries both as in-house risk and security managers and as consultants.

Our training syllabuses offer an up-to-date learning experience which is current with industry best practice. Much of our training is designed for specific client needs, so we have developed a wide range of solutions, from crisis workshops to hostile environment training. The courses Maravi can deliver include:

  • Crisis management preparedness
  • Hostile environment and security awareness training
  • Kidnap and response workshops
  • Risk and security management training
  • Sector-specific security training
  • First Aid Training

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Crisis Management and Preparedness

Incident and crisis can strike at any time and how an organisation is equipped to deal with such events can significantly affect the outcome. Lack of preparation or poor handling of a crisis can, in certain circumstances, prove fatal, both to personnel and the organisation itself.

Maravi’s range of crisis management training courses can help equip organisations with the tools they need to both reduce the likelihood of a crisis occurring in the first place and also to deal with the event and aftermath should one occur. The courses are delivered through both theoretical lessons and semi-live and live training exercises. The courses can also be tailored to the different levels within an organisation ensuring that all personnel are fully aware of their individual reponsibilities in a crisis.

Hostile Environment and Security Awareness

Hostile Environment and Security Awareness

Organisations have a duty of care to their employees deploying to potentially volatile locations.

Maravi can help to prepare client employees for the challenges they may face in such operating environments through a range of bespoke hostile enviroment and security awareness training courses. Our training equips client employees with the confidence to handle a range of issues which may arise and to make the right decisions when they do, allowing them to focus on achieving their objectives in their new surroundings.

Our hostile environment and security awareness training courses are tailored to each client depending upon the areas in which their personnel will be operating and what types of activities they will be carrying out.

Risk and Security Management Training

For organisations wishing to develop or enhance their internal risk and/or security function, Maravi offers risk and security management training for those currently in managerial positions or those identified to take on these responsibilities. The training is also of benefit to individuals wishing to gain employment as consultants within the risk and security industries. Maravi believes strongly in raising capacity amongst local staff employed by organisations in Africa and also delivers courses for this purpose.

The course is instructed by Maravi’s risk management and security consultants who have significant experience working both as in-house risk and security managers and in consultanting capacities. This exeprience has been gained across a range of industrial sectors, meaning the taught syllabus is current with industry best practice.

Sector Specific safety training

Sector-Specific Training

Maravi offers risk and security training for specific industry sectors.

This training has been developed through our experience of assiting clients across a number of different sectors which include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Agribusiness
  • Retail and hospitality industries
  • Maritime, which includes the ISPS Code Syllabus
  • Mineral extraction and mining
  • Governmental and NGO engagements

Maravi can also develop risk and security training packages for other sectors not mentioned above.

First Aid Training

For clients that require recognised and certified first aid training, Maravi runs Medic First Aid courses. MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus is a combined adult Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training programme designed specifically for the occupational first aid provider.

This extremely flexible program will help employers meet national and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work. The MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus course is delivered over 4 -5 hours with certification lasting two years.

This programme conforms to the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Update for CPR and the 2015 AHA and American Red Cross (ARC) Guidelines Update for First Aid. The course is perfect for individuals and companies who require occupational first aiders, who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers.

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